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The Pavaria has been cut off from the other colony starships due to an ancient prohibition against powering its broken engines. Nathe is volunteered to travel to the far end of the ship to search for the lost notes of Bev Bora which may reveal the secret to restoring full power. But someone doesn't want him to find it. And they're willing to commit murder by jaguar-- or worse-- to stop him.

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Pilot X


What would happen if a time traveler lived in a world where time could not easily be changed and if it was changed, it might destroy everything but himself?

Pilot X just wants to fly a time ship. Specifically the Verity. But the Guardians of Alenda, rulers of his people, throw him in the middle of a time war. When he makes peace they don’t seem pleased. In fact, his own people treat him like the enemy.

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A Brief Guide to Cord Cutting

Cutting the cord-- getting rid of cable and replacing it with watching things over the Internet-- has never been more viable. Depending on your situation it may save you money and it certainly gives you more control. This straightforward guide gives you the information you need to get started with the right services and equipment to watch the programs you want, when you want and where you want. The information in this guide applies to US market.

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Citadel 32: A Tale of the Aggregate

In a base on the Moon, a man finds a strange discovery that could lead to reconnection with Earth. But someone wants to stop him from pursuing it. Meanwhile on Earth, a monk of the Citadel discovers a strange ancient artwork. Could it lead to truth of the myth of the Moon Men? Finding out the truth could kill him.

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